Hike 082: Mount Kenya (24hr Challenge)

  • Date: Mar 2021.
  • Location: Mount Kenya – Sirimon Route.
  • Objective: To hike from Old Moses Camp to Lenana Peak and back within 24 hours.
  • Difficulty: Very Hard.
  • Outcome: Successful!
  • Start time: 4:35 am.
  • Summit: 12:57 pm.
  • Finish: 7:18 pm.
  • Total distance: 34.1 km.
  • Total time: 14 hr 43 min.
  • Moving time: 10 hr 57 min.
  • Calories burned: 3,489.
  • Old Moses Camp Elevation: 3,300 m.
  • Lenana Peak Elevation: 4,985 m.
  • Elevation Gain: 1,746 m.

This was my second 24hr challenge attempt. The first being on Chogoria route. (Blog post)

Some comparisons:
– Sirimon summit trek is more tiring. It is shorter but steeper! 3 km vs Chogoria 4.6 km.
– You can start the hike at any time from Old Moses Camp. Chogoria Gate Camp has some restrictions because of wild animals at night.
– Our Sirimon hike was more relaxed. We took longer breaks in between.
– The weather was warmer and clearer on this hike. No rain.

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