Hike 025: Ngong Forest Sanctuary

  • Date: Jul 2020.
  • Location: Ngong Forest Sanctuary – Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Distance covered: 24.1 km.
  • Steps: 31,543.
  • Total time: 6 hr 40 min.
  • Moving time: 5 hr 33 min.
  • Calories burned: 2,247.
  • Min. Elevation: 1,776 m.
  • Max. Elevation: 1,854 m.
  • Features: Streams, Dam.

Came back to do their 21 km trail. Covered some extra km because I missed a turn and went off trail. You have to be keen to follow the marked trail which is marked in different colours (white, red, green, blue & yellow). Whichever colour you see just follow it. The colours just point the direction. No other meaning.

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